Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Cracking the LinkedIn Code 4.0

    • WATCH ME: Introduction to Course

    • How to Navigate the Course Interface

  • 2

    Month 1: BRAND BUILDER

    • Lesson 1. Introduction to a Powerful Personal Brand

    • Lesson 1a: LinkedIn Etiquette: What You Must Know and Do [Download]

    • Lesson 2: How to Tell Your Brand Story and Stand Out

    • Lesson 2a: The StoryBrand Framework [Download]

    • Lesson 3: Stop Being Overlooked and Attract Your Ideal Clients

    • Lesson 3a: Your Marketing Message Builder [Download]

    • Lesson 4: Transform Your LinkedIn Profile into a Client-Attracting Magnet: PART 1

    • Lesson 4a: Fill-in-the-Blanks LinkedIn Profile Builder [Download]

    • Lesson 5: Transform Your LinkedIn Profile into a Client-Attracting Magnet: PART 2

    • Lesson 5a: LinkedIn Profile and Optimization Checklist [Download]

    • Lesson 6: Build Social Proof, Credibility and Trust

    • Lesson 6a: How to Request and Get LinkedIn Recommendations [Download]

    • Lesson 7: Create a LinkedIn Company Page [Quick & Easy Tutorial]

    • Lesson 7a: LinkedIn Company Page Checklist [Download]

  • 3

    Month 2: LEAD BUILDER

    • Lesson 1: How to Choose the Right LinkedIn Membership for You: Free vs Premium vs Sales Navigator

    • Lesson 1a: LinkedIn Memberships Comparison Chart [Download]

    • Lesson 2: Your 5-step Lead Generation Process and Putting Your Searches on Auto-Pilot

    • Lesson 3: Craft Messages That Get a Response

    • Lesson 3a: High Converting Lead Generation Message Templates [Download]

    • Lesson 4: Turn on the Tap: Putting Your Lead Gen Campaign into Action

    • Lesson 4a: Lead Generation Playbook [Download]

    • Lesson 5: Put Lead Generation into Overdrive with Sales Navigator [Advanced Training for Sales Navigator Users]

    • Lesson 5a: Sales Navigator Action Plan [Download]

    • Lesson 6: Manage the Flow: Organize, Strategize and Refine Your Lead Gen Activities

    • 6a: Additional Resources for Improving Sales

    • Lesson 7: Engage and Nurture: How to Convert Cold Leads into Hot Prospects

    • Lesson 8: How to Open Doors of Opportunity with Warm Introductions and Referrals

    • Lesson 8a: Warm Introduction Message Script [Download]

  • 4


    • Lesson 1: Mapping Out Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

    • Lesson 1a: Inbound Marketing Playbook [Download]

    • Lesson 2: How to Write LinkedIn Posts that Inspire Engagement

    • Lesson 3: How to Create Signature Content that Builds Authority

    • Lesson 3a: The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post [Download]

    • Lesson 4: How to Get Your Content Found on Page One of Google

    • Lesson 5: Client Stories, Trust and the Ultimate Seal of Social Proof

    • Lesson 5a: Case Study Template

    • Lesson 6: How to Create Videos that Generate Interest and Engagement

    • Lesson 6a: The Anatomy of a Perfect Video [Download]

    • Lesson 7: How to Promote Your Content and Increase Your Reach

  • 5

    Live Coaching and Q&A Sessions

    • How to Request Feedback on a Live Coaching Session [INSTRUCTIONS]

    • Next Live Coaching Session is August 26, 2020 [PLEASE READ]

    • Recording of July 28, 2020 Coaching Session

    • Recording of June 30, 2020 Coaching Session

    • Recording of May 27, 2020 Coaching Session

    • Recording of April 29, 2020 Live Coaching

    • Recording of March 31, 2020 Coaching Session

    • Recording of February 27, 2020 Coaching Session